Discover the course of Roc d'Ardenne 2023 here:

In the left navigation of the map, you will find the following useful information:

  • The courses of the different races. You can check or uncheck each tour separately.
  • Under ‘Waypoints’:
    • The regular food stations
    • The Roc Gourmand food stations
    • The ‘Point de rendez-vous’ (PRV): all the courses is divided into specific zones (PRVs) so that we can be on the spot quickly in case of an emergency. Try to remember which zone you are in.
    • Collect zones : these are zones where, apart from the food stations, you can dump your waste.
    • Splits

Hoogteprofielen op basis van Garmin Base Camp – TOPO BENELUX PRO en Strava gegevens van top 15 deelnemers 2022.

IMPORTANT: certain parts of the course are located on private lands or on protected areas, for which a specific approval was granted for Roc d’Ardenne. Passage is only admitted during the event of Roc d’Ardenne and is strictly forbidden before or after the event.

Alpro Kids Run

The ENGIE Classic 6 km

The ENGIE Classic 10 km

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