Van Hoovels keeps Gadret at bay in Roc d’Ardenne

After the Roc Night on Friday evening, Kevin Van Hoovels also won the Roc d'Ardenne, the most popular race of the 3-day MTB-festival in which 1300 participants took part.

Van Hoovels was well rested after Friday night’s exertion, but he had some strong competition in John Gadret. The 38-year old Frenchman, who ended his career on the road two years ago but can still be found on the cyclocross or mountain-bike circuit, finished second, half a minute behind Van Hoovels. The winner completed the 57-km race in 2 hours, 26 minutes and 10 seconds. Michiel Van Aalbroeck took up the third spot on the podium.

31-year Van Hoovels solidified his position at the top of the leader board in the Roc Trophy, for which the results of the Roc Night (Friday), Roc d’Ardenne (Saturday) and the Roc Marathon on Sunday are included in the program. Approximately fifty tough mountain bikers will take up the challenging combination from which THE MTB-King of the Ardennes will be crowned.

But in Houffalize there is something for everyone. On Saturday the Mid Roc was held, a race of 38 km. Ideal for competitive riders who opt for a shorter race. The winner of the Mid Roc was Arno Cucu.

In the Rando Roc Rouge Carnaval, good fun was the most important factor. This tour of 26 km was ideal for those who are still learning the ropes of mountain biking or for those who wanted to enjoy the surroundings with friends or family and not cover too many kilometers. Tandem bikes could also take part in this race.

What does the word ‘Carnaval’ mean? The first wave was exclusively reserved for the participants who arrived at the start in fancy dress. The best-dressed participant was named ‘Roi Carnaval de VTT’ and won his or her weight in La Chouffe!

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